Putting the spotlight on European young chefs making a name for themselves by their talent and commitment, here are three worthy representatives of a generation of chefs driven by the desire to preserve traditions while at the same time shaking things up a bit.


Stamatios Misomikes: European Young Chef 2016 of sustainable gastronomy

In November 2016, this young Greek was awarded the title of “European Young Chef” in the final of the competition organised by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Art and Tourism (IGCAT). With 10 chefs under the age of 28 from all regions of Europe, this competition encourages sustainable development in cooking. And what was the creation that got him to the top the podium and gained him the recognition of the illustrious Catalan chef Joan Roca?  A dish comprised of no less than 19 ingredients from the different islands of his homeland, combined with ultimate technical mastery and great delicacy. The name of this creation is also particularly poetic: Salas, the joy of a birth. We’re eagerly awaiting the 2017 offering!


Julia Sedefdjian: youngest Michelin star chef

This young French chef was awarded her first star last year at the tender age of 21. A real feat in an environment that doesn’t make things easy for women, as she explained a few months later on the stage of the TedX Paris conference where we caught up with her. The famous Michelin Guide rewarded her for the daring talent she has shown at the helm of Les Fables de la Fontaine, in the 7th arrondissement in Paris. Julia’s aim is to change the vision some diners still have about Michelin star cuisine, that it’s expensive and lacking in quantity.


Gert de Mangeleer, Sander Goossens, Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson: the sensational Flemish trio

These three represent the brand-new gastronomy coming from this region of Europe that still has very little recognition for its cuisine. Planning to change all this, the young cuisine festival Omnivore Paris invited them to preside over a “pop up dinner” in early March in Paris.  They outdid themselves with truly unconventional and innovative ground-breaking cuisine, offering guests the chance to experience new tastes and sensations. Gert, executive chef of the restaurant Hertog, was also one of the winners of the youngest Michelin star chefs.