The Gulfstream agency creates GS & CO, a 100% international structure specialised in collective brands.

How can professional organisations be helped locally whilst spreading their vision and offers abroad? And how can visionary and relevant strategies full of meaning and use be guaranteed?

This is the ambition which led Vincent Houdou to bring together other collective PR players in Europe. A think tank whose project has today materialised with the creation of a new type of agency: GS&CO, specialists in collective PR.

The teams, based in Paris, London, Milan, Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam and Hamburg consist of senior experts in collective brand strategies and agile operational teams.

With their multi-sector expertise, the agency is positioned on the following markets: Food & Drink, lifestyle, leisure, services, institutions, as well as industry, building, housing and energy.

GS&CO shares the DNA of its larger sister, Gulfstream:  consultancy, independence, 360° expertise °… with a healthy dose of multiculturalism!