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Point of view – By Paolo Figini

It’s time to play for business.

Many people thinks mobile games are just for young “nerds” but have you ever played games with your mobile phone? Numbers say that four out of five smartphone owners have played a game on their device and 46% play games on a daily basis. “Gamers” are boys, girls, kids, parents, adults, and people from all different backgrounds.

32% of our total mobile time is spent in games; so it’s easy to understand the reason why Mobile Gaming is becoming a big deal for advertisers. Your potential customers are probably playing right now.

Most important world’s Brands are in the “Game”, and industry doesn’t matter.

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Thanks to the detailed profiling of mobile games users you can find the perfect target for your business. Data collection has a big role to play in mobile games advertising.

Maybe the right game for you is Angry Birds or maybe is Fruits Ninja, for sure numbers and statistics will help you selecting the most in target games.

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Brands can be involved in different ways in mobile games. There are mobile advertising games that are deliberately created as adver-tisements, mobile game sponsorship and In-game advertising that refers to placement of advertising and brands inside games.

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The real deal is how to invest in Mobile gaming. The market of software Companies is very fragmented and is rapidly evolving. Most of the new games and apps have a short lifecycle. Scouting opportunities and contract closing Isn’t easy. We have a long path behind us in gaming and advertising.

We have the expertise to help you to find the best investments.

Don’t miss the chance to play with your products.