Brands may come in all shapes and sizes, from corporate brands to official signs of quality, promotional brands to quality assurance trademarks, but they all have much in common…

Brands remain at the forefront of the challenges currently facing every business sector or category, and require a range of (well-executed) (communications) solutions, including boosting commercial appeal and brand image, short versus long term strategies, and leveraging a product’s unique selling proposition, its craftsmanship and even its values.

The complex nature of these challenges is compounded by the increased fragmentation of consumer profiles. Each consumer segment is defined as much by economic constraints as by society’s expectations at large, which are constantly shifting and sometimes conflicting.

In addition, relations with the distribution, the influence of the media – whether investigative or opinion forming – and decisions regarding international expansion can all be considered as both threats and opportunities.

In this eminently strategic context, industry bodies and councils have a pivotal role to play given their capacity to bring long term vision and implement effective strategies, not to mention their ability to create an environment conducive to joined-up thinking and collective decision-making.

For leading figures of organisations such as these, the ability to bring people together is arguably their raison d’être.

To help these organisations thrive, we have set up GS&Co, – the 100% collective agency – devoted entirely to delivering powerful, relevant communications strategies to the collective sector, and protecting its brands and reputations.

Our values

  • 100% STRATEGIC






    Sharing, generosity, trust, solidarity


    Authenticity, quality products



Illustration of 'Consultancy & strategy'

Consultancy & strategy

Support collective decisions, construct a singular image over the long term and imagine actions which create value and business

Illustration of 'Social media influence'

Social media influence

Create a positive and rich meaningful echo to sustain image and increase word of mouth

> Social networks, bloggers, digital RP, brand content
Illustration of 'Media'


Emerge in the media landscape to provide relevant dissemination of your messages to your targets

> Advertising & consultancy: radio, TV, press, web
Illustration of 'Digital'


Develop ergonomic and efficient tools in line with ROI logic

> Website, intranet, extranet, SEO, e-CRM
Illustration of 'Press relations & public relations'

Press relations & public relations

Reach out to opinion leaders and influencers through bespoke systems

> Press relations, events
Illustration of 'Trade & sales promotion'

Trade & sales promotion

Support the implementation of an efficient commercial strategy

> Relations with brands, promotional operations, in-store event dressing, sales support (reserve sales force, store activities)

Key figures

  • 1 lead agency in France
  • 7 offices in Europe
  • 150 employees
  • 15 M€ turnover
  • 60 clients