He made his debut in cosmetics before taking the route of wine and food products. After leading teams at Sopexa Benelux for many years, he has gradually refined his vision of consumer products marketing before going on to create his own model. His greatest source of motivation? Integrating the logics of creativity and innovation with strategic thinking. His favourite word: agility.

Damien has always been passionate about marketing, since the time of his education in Business School. Having cut his teeth in the L’Oréal group in Belgium where he participated in repositioning the Vichy brand, he decided to move from the health sector to the food sector, motivated by the idea of setting up communication actions to promote quality food products.  His passion for business was up and running.

Over 13 years, he was first the manager of the wines and spirits sector, then the marketing director (for all sectors), then director of the Belgian and Dutch subsidiary at Sopexa. He developed a structure on the model of communication agencies, modernising the strategic approach of the collective. The digital became a central lever for building bridges between the image and sales, enabling a more holistic response to the challenges of advertising.

Among his past references, he counts many collectives such as the wines of Loire, Alsace and Bordeaux, the cheeses of France or the Label Rouge, but also brands such as Entremont, Lesieur, Princesse Amandine, brands that are well-known in France and wishing to expand in Belgium. Armed with his bicultural knowledge, he is familiar with local subtleties and has mastered the art of how to approach the Belgian, Flemish and Francophone markets.

In 2013, he created Strat & Com (www.stratecom.be), a consulting agency for marketing and communication. A multi-skilled agency working with an agile model, without sectoral specialisation, in the service of creativity. Creativity that he wants to develop at the collective level, since he is currently working on a new method of co-creation… which he is waiting impatiently to try out!