Fashion and gastronomy: two arts, two worlds of initiates who have come together to the point of forming one single community: the “Foodistas”.

Here are 4 cases which illustrate this phenomenon.

Modern cuisine has become graphic and ephemeral

Since the 1980s, traditional cuisine has been put aside. In restaurants, stews and sauces have been replaced by light, graphic, creative and spectacular dishes, with chic and sophisticated names.


Inspired young chefs are breaking free of the codes transmitted by the fathers of grande cuisine to become ‘creators’, giving birth to new trends: “fusion”, “terroir revisited”, “snacking chic”, and “fast good”.

Each season, new fashionable concepts and products emerge with extensive media coverage: “Food trends, what to expect this winter.” As for the young chefs, they are tattooed, muscular, stylish, and they appear in the media as the new sexy icons of our time.

“Food Art”, a common playing field

Since 1994, the rapprochement of designers and chocolate makers has given birth to a new type of fashion show: with chocolate dresses. The experience was so successful that the fashion show has become the key event of the Salon du Chocolat.


Last June, an exhibition at the Chelsea Market in Manhattan celebrated this communion between Italian fashion and gastronomy. The biggest names in fashion such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino and Gucci created 58 iconic fashion outfits inspired by Italy’s gastronomic heritage.


At the same time, on Instagram, the fashion designer Gretchen Roehrs reinterpreted famous creators such as Givenchy or Sonia Rykiel … with food.


The fashion industry is thus more and more connected to gourmet foods

But it is no longer just a story of identity and common values.

Gastronomy appears to the brands of the fashion sector as a means of diversifying their income portfolios, and also taking on a more hedonistic image with consumers, for whom good food has become the No. 1 religion.  With the Chanel Restaurant in Tokyo, Armani Caffé all over the world, Dolce & Gabbana restaurants or the Marchesi pastry store now owned by Prada in Milan, the major brands are getting involved in food.


Their conviction: the positive image of gastronomy can create a purchasing preference and impulse for their brands, in a context in which they risk losing prestige and uniqueness.

Event collaborations, formidable marketing levers for Food&Wine brands

What about pre-empting this type of partnership within the framework of a public relations strategy? Nothing new under the sun. Except when we look more closely at the quality of scripting of the events, the opportunity to develop products in limited editions and even innovation projects.



The chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini and the creator Olympia Le tan, fashion star Kate Moss and the chain Sushi Shop, Nina Ricci and Ladurée, Christian Lacroix and Evian, Christian Lacroix and 1664… there are more and more collaborations, providing a double enhancement of the fashion muses and the chains/brands.

So are you ready for the next special collection?