By 2020, Paris is set to have 100 hectares of green spaces, with 1/3 being reserved for urban agriculture. The retailer Carrefour is committed to supporting this initiative and is working with the start-up Agro-Polis to develop an urban farm project to supply the new Carrefour market that will open in the Charonne district in 2018.

One of the first Carrefour vegetable gardens already started in the 77

On April 27, Carrefour inaugurated a glass-covered 1200 m2 vegetable garden on the roof of its supermarket in Villiers-en-Bière. This project, which was accomplished in partnership with a horticultural school, also creates awareness for store customers about the benefits of innovative solutions like this. Beyond the Parisian project, the brand plans to extend roof-top agriculture to its other stores and is also pursuing.


The largest vertical urban farm will open in Eindhoven in the Netherlands

With a ground area of 900 m2, the farm will have a cultivable area of more than 3,000 m2 and will produce pesticide-free salads. It is set to open in late 2017. With the increasing restrictions on pesticide residues in bagged salads, this farm will allow retailers to offer a high-quality alternative.