Over the past 25 years, Gulfstream has forged itself a stronghold in the food and food-processing world in France both for strategy consulting and the implementation of advertising plans.  From a “raw” product to a transformed product, the Gulfstream team works on all food subjects with the same philosophy: disseminate a positive influence (l’influence positive®), the agency’s byline.

Laurence Demeure, the agency’s Sales Manager and Coordinator of the GS&CO network, does not want turnkey solution advertising or promotional recipes that damage the sustainable value of publicity operations and therefore brands:  “The aim of the ‘positive influence’ principle is more to change perceptions and behaviour once and for all.  An objective that calls for the right messages to be conveyed to the right target at the right time and for the results to be meticulously monitored.”


A “silo” management approach is applied to the agency’s 80 employees from the world of advertising, PR, digital systems or promotional activation.  “We do not rest on our professional laurels, we grow with our customers and their ecosystems and never hesitate to ramp up our competency whenever necessary.”

This is the leitmotiv that Emmanuelle Frenel- Audouin, the specialist Food Consultant Manager, applies to drive relations with brands.  “Agencies must not disregard the requirements of distribution if our customers are to have a chance of seeing their operations in stores.  Our core business is still customer communication but we must also be able to integrate the issues and constraints specific to Trade Marketing”.


“The agency alongside advertisers”- this is how its founder, Vincent Houdou, describes the position of Gulfstream, an independent structure that made a turnover of 9 million in 2016.

The agency’s 50 loyal customers for over 5 years include brands such as the Lactalis Group (Président, Galbani), Bordeau Chesnel, Val de Rance ciders and cooperatives and interprofessional organisations such as the Coopérative de Pommes de Terre ‘La Noirmoutier’ (Noirmoutier potatoes), the Interprofession du Bétail et des Viandes (INTERBEV – cattle and meat) and the Comité Interprofessionnel des Produits d’Aquaculture (CIPA – aquaculture products).

Since 2015, the Gulfstream agency has been the flagship of the international network, GS&Co, the contraction of “Gulfstream & Co”, working on behalf of foreign brands and interprofessional organisations on the French market.