Mission-Végétal 2

The short programme by the trade body Val’hor puts plants back into the daily lives of the French, on both TV and social networks.

Mission: Végétal is the new show dedicated to plants, trees and flowers. On the initiative of VAL’HOR, the French horticultural, florist and landscaping trade body, its aim is to create a regular meeting point for the French to rediscover the benefits of plants, by adding more flowers, plants and trees into our daily lives.

In a short 1 min. format broadcast on M6, Téva and W9, the presenter Gautier takes up in lifelike conditions the challenges of viewers, assisted by a plant expert.  Dynamic and fun, each episode gives viewers simple, straightforward plant solutions.

The interaction between Gautier, specialists and the French continues on the Internet via the website created and managed by GS&Co, www.missionvegetal.fr, as well as on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube). Internet users are invited to propose a new challenge, take part in the programme, share their own creations or discover advice and tips from specialists.

A digital activation which fully complements the impact of the programme with levers of commitment to inspire new forms of behaviour.

Mission-Végétal 1