With a hugely successful micro-format, Facebook could oust You Tube for recipe videos.

For food industry PR players, disseminating culinary content has for a long time been an efficient lever. On the one hand, we know that recipes influence the behaviour of internet users: they encourage experiencing products and diversifying their uses, and therefore have a role to play in how often products are consumed. On the other hand, by satisfying as far as possible requests by internet users, bringing together recipes enables organisations to attract audiences via Google and You tube and to assert themselves as experts in different product categories.

Since the start of the year, recipes have also seemingly become a means of creating a buzz on Facebook to help the community grow. Since last Christmas a new format has started to be copied: cooking micro-videos lasting between 15 seconds and one minute which start automatically. The principle is straightforward: ultra-simple (with as few ingredients as possible) and super creative recipes, all with Food Porn close ups to seduce gourmets. Aim: to have an impact and create as much buzz as possible.


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