With the philosophy of Slow Food spreading all over Europe, a new movement has been emerging, born in the United States, of « Slow flowers », promoting a return to flowers produced naturally in local surroundings.

The « Slow Flowers » project was launched in Seattle by career journalist Debra Prizing. She has been campaigning for the horticulture industry to opt for more ecologically responsible production methods, favouring above all, local production. Since 2012, she has been promoting projects which have raised national awareness and have encouraged consumers and professionals alike to make more informed choices based on the origin of their flowers and the way they are produced.


Among her projects has been the book « The 50 Mile Bouquet » which has taken a close look at American farms which have opted for this new production method and taken her out to talk to florists who care deeply about quality and the environment.

Several farms of this type have sprung up around London, England, which now accept visitors. Individuals are now going to farms themselves through the « Pick your own Flowers” scheme, choosing from no less than 200 species which grow according to the seasons and without pesticides.

This local network has allowed people to rediscover the pleasure of horticulture and of naturally grown flowers, a far cry from today’s industrial processing.


The most enthusiastic supporters of Slow Flowers have been participating in the movement with «seed bombs» sold on the Internet, which guarantee to plant wild flowers in public gardens and street corners.

For the pleasure of offering … locally grown flowers!!