What could be better than Spanish olives to ride the wave of the popular trend of tapas, social cooking or creative and inventive food? This was the idea behind Gulfstream’s successful bid for the “Spanish Olives” budget for ICEX and Interceituna.

Spanish appetizers are taking the world by storm

Appetizers are seen as emblematic of “French art de vivre” all over the world. More than ¾ of French people have them at least once a month during the summer and 66% the rest of the year. The appetizer sector is booming and the fashion of eating light snacks with drinks is gradually replacing dinner, which means that tapas and small sharing plates borrowed from the Iberian tradition are becoming all the rage. And obviously, olives have a very important part to play in this.

Spanish Olives, world No. 1

The top producer of table olives, Spain offers a wide range of all varieties of olives, produced in accordance with strict quality standards, including traditional varieties passed down over centuries of growing. With green, black and purple olives and a whole array of flavours, they’re also healthy: with 150 kcal per 100 g, they have 3 to 4 times fewer calories than most snacks and are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.


Olives for every occasion

More than just a snack! Due to their versatility and the fact that they’re easy to keep and prepare, olives are an essential ingredient to have on hand to spice up every day cooking, from snacks to more creative dishes. And for a change, why not try green olives for cooking and snack on black olives, because Spanish olives are a twist on the usual!

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