2016.07.01 Too Good to Go

Present in France, Germany, the UK, Norway and Denmark, Too Good to Go is the new app for reducing food waste by recovering unsold food from shopkeepers at closing time at slashed prices.

This is a reality about which citizen consumers are increasingly aware: 1/3 of food produced ends up in the bin even though it is still fit for consumption …


Too Good to Go, a young Danish start up, had the idea of enabling shops, restaurants and supermarkets to stop throwing away their products and sell them at slashed prices. The app user, who can geolocate offers close by, will then come to pick up the order. Bread, sushi, burgers, salad, .. the list of different shops is long and already includes famous names, like Kayser bakeries in Paris.

The key to success? A win-win-win system: shops which reduce losses, customers who can treat themselves at a lower cost and a healthy shared environmental awareness. This great initiative makes Food Technologie serve the local community and responsible consumption.

A newcomer on the waste-free apps market, whereas its French competitor Optimiam is already present in 6 hypermarket chains.