Corporate environmental responsibility and the major sustainable development initiatives are important topics. But why do we always have to talk about them so seriously? Corporate tones, ethical messages, and good feelings may not be the only way to gain acceptance, as shown by the following advertisements.


‘Stoned’ animals in Germany

“You can laugh at everything, but not with everyone” – this is how the German public company EnBW’s new campaign used the eponymous quote by Pierre Desproges. Here’s the pitch: a company that has invested in renewable energy is now attracting birds that get a dose of their green energy…which acts like a psychedelic substance. These perched birds engage in a conversation that is very entertaining and engaging.

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Ugly fruits and vegetables in France

Another example of taking action, this time against food waste: ugly fruits and vegetables can still be purchased thanks to a communication campaign from the Intermarché brand. These carrots and oranges that hilariously try to get rid of their complexes have won the public’s hearts.

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Hairy noses in China

In 2016, the NGO WildAid China wanted to warn the Chinese population about the dangers of pollution by showing that if their behaviour does not change in the future, nose hairs will have to protect them against pollution and therefore…grow considerably.

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In 2018, the Cannes Lions Festival is planning a new category to reward creative advertising for major sustainable development initiatives. The goal is to encourage advertising as an accelerator to achieve the UN 2015 Goals.  Between two campaigns with shock value, this may bring a little comic relief. Because even though humour won’t change the world, it can still be beneficial!